Society Mission Statement

The Terrace Salmonid Enhancement Society is a non-profit society created in 1982.  The purposes of the Society are;

  1. To enhance salmonid species within our regional watershed through the development of incubation and rearing facilities, stream improvement and other methods of enhancement.
  2. To act as contractor to other agencies for the development and / or construction of salmonid enhancement projects
  3. To enlarge the local employment base by undertaking salmonid enhancement projects.
  4. To receive contributions and donations intended for salmonid enhancement

Society Experience

During the last 37 years the TSES has specialized in salmon aquaculture, salmon enumeration techniques, management of the Deep Creek Hatchery and coded wire tagging of salmon fry. The TSES has operated the Deep Creek Hatchery and conducted the Kitsumkalum Chinook Salmon Project under contract with Fisheries and Oceans Canada continuously since 1984 as well as a number of other salmon enumeration and tagging projects. 


TSES staff consists of;

  • a Project Manager,
  • a Hatchery/Fisheries Technician, and
  • seasonal field crews.

Ian Riemenschneider

Ian has been the Project Manager for the TSES since 2014. He has participated in a wide range of fisheries research projects with government agencies, First Nations, non-profit organizations, as well as the private sector.

Laura Elmer

Laura has been working for the TSES as a Hatchery/Fisheries Technician since 2018. She recently obtained a PhD in Biology, studying sockeye salmon.

Fish Production

The TSES has been incubating, rearing, and releasing salmonid fry since Deep Creek Hatchery was built in 1983.

Coded Wire Tagging

The TSES applies coded wire tags (CWT's) to the Chinook fry produced at Deep Creek Hatchery, Eby Street Hatchery Coho, as well as Kitimat Hatchery Chinook. Mark IV tag application machines and accompanying Quality Control Devices (Northwest Marine Technologies) are used along with a custom CWT work station, constructed by the TSES. CWT procedures and quality control practices are carried out as described by Northwest Marine Technology Inc. and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Escapement Assessment

Since 1984, the TSES has consistently collected the data necessary to provide estimates of the wild and enhanced fractions of the Chinook escapement to the Kitsumkalum River. The society also provides trained crews (with Swiftwater Rescue Technician Certifications and relevant fisheries and boat operating experience) to undertake other fisheries projects.

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